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Greetings of the Season – Anything Goes …Even nothing

Is it me, or is there notably less holiday hype this year? I’ve always loved the holiday season, the darker evenings, the wrappings and trim and the anticipation of a celebration followed by a quiet day in. I have also noticed in recent years how quickly December passes. During the first week there’s always that […]

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Regret Relief and Forgiveness Program – Start Here

Today my biggest regret…is having regrets. The cost of regret Whether they come in the form of “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” or “I just wasn’t!/what was I?/ thinking” or just plain “why?”, regrets are an incredibly insomnia inducing, paralyzing time-suck.  A huge part of negative self-talk, long term regret can fuel stress, anxiety, and depression, all […]

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