Love letters to my dogs and their replies

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Bella in Fall

What I Never Told You is a project about second chances. It’s about having your say, expressing love, gratitude or sorrow by writing a letter to someone you missed the chance of saying something to. Getting things off your chest is a healing thing.

Recently I wrote two letters myself. I wrote them to my dogs, both of whom were/are still with me. I wrote them with the intention of letting them know how much I appreciate having them in my life. I reminisced about good times, as well as those things you can look back at and laugh about even if they didn’t seem funny at the time.I asked them how they felt and what I could do to support them.

Writing the letters was an extremely emotional experience for me, as my dog Bella was in the throes of chronic renal failure and I didn’t know how long she would last. Although it’s a terminal condition, I think it’s human nature to hope for some improvement even if temporary. End of life decisions are not only emotional but also highly personal.  What is intended as support from those outside of the situation can become stressful to those going through it, often feeling more like judgement than assistance.

I spoke with a good friend about the situation and she suggested hiring an animal communicator. I hesitated. My vet wholeheartedly endorses using animal communicators and I’ve worked with many in the past. But I’ve become wary of those who might choose to interpret rather than facilitate the exchange.  On her recommendation I contacted one with whom she had worked and knew personally. It was the best decision I could have made.

Before each of the two sessions I needed to clarify what I needed to say. As a lifelong letter writer, I chose to communicate in the form of a letter. Through our exchange facilitated by a communicator who specializes in end of life care I was able to find out what my dogs wanted and needed and to honor their requests


Dasher Napping

While this project is about writing to someone who in most likelihood will never be able to read your note, I encourage you to also get in touch with those who you still can. It will make their day – and yours.

Please spread the word about this project. Without letters, this project does not exist.


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  1. Kaylyn September 22, 2017 at 7:32 pm #

    What a beautiful post. I love this. I think I might write one for my pup. Thanks for the inspiration!

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