The Healing Power of Writing and Time Travel

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                                                   …So are the days of our lives

For years studies have shown the negative health consequences of repressing emotional upset. The notion of keeping a stiff upper lip at all times and/or glossing over details that seem too difficult to address can wreak havoc with not only mental but also physical health. Sometimes emotions resulting from events are buried so deeply that there’s no longer an awareness that they even exist.

Writing gets things out of your head, your heart and your spirit. Once released this way into the Universe, the burden is lightened.

Journaling is a path to healing, discovery and productivity as writer Julia Cameron espouses in her book, The Artist’s Way. Starting your day with morning pages frees your mind so you can literally get on with your day with a clear head.

Productivity experts recommend making lists – again, your tasks once written down no longer loom so heavily.

Letter writing is a great healer for both sender and recipient.  Even if you don’t have much to report, the positive intention of getting or keeping in touch in a way that’s more personal than text or email invites the both writer and reader to slow down, take a breath and appreciate the moment  and each other.

But what about time travel? That’s partly what this project is about. If you missed an opportunity to tell someone something, you are going back in time in your mind, to when you wished you could have said something, or said it better.  Getting it off your chest  doesn’t mean you forget about the person or a special memory. It’s an act of compassion, for both yourself and the intended reader. It helps you integrate the past in a way that you can live more fully and healthfully in the present.

Treat yourself. Go buy a nice pen and some lovely stationery. (Don’t sweat it – you can always practice on plain paper first) And send your letter, either to a special family member or friend…

or to the What I Never Told You project at:


P.O. Box 281

Morristown, NJ  07960

and be part of this healing project.






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