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Is it me, or is there notably less holiday hype this year?

I’ve always loved the holiday season, the darker evenings, the wrappings and trim and the anticipation of a celebration followed by a quiet day in.

I have also noticed in recent years how quickly December passes. During the first week there’s always that feeling that there’s plenty of time before I actually have to do anything. Then I realize I need to make travel plans. Coordinating timetables and transfers, checking the schedule on the home-front, getting to and from the station – these things overwhelm me. It all gets done in shorter order than I have imagined, and once the plan is finalized, I can relax.

Same with the cards. Over the years they have become less hand-made, less elaborate, less wordy. Holiday greetings should not become a stress making chore. I like to add a personal note to each one, but  don’t always manage the perfect one liner to let the recipient know exactly how much I am thinking of them.

I don’t sweat the small stuff and neither should you. If you don’t get the cards out, or even if you haven’t bought any – it’s ok!

Perhaps New Year’s Day is the perfect time to savor the moment, sit down and write a sincere, heart-felt note to one or two of the people who may be distant in miles but closest to your heart.

Believe me, they will take the time to read and reflect on your words and read them again, unlike the usual text, tweet or email.

Enjoy the season!


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