Healing past trauma

I just read this article about My-Linh Le’s path to healing. A child of Vietnamese immigrants, Le grew up in a stressful environment borne of her parents’ trauma from before she was even born. Trauma can be passed down in the genes, and coupled with parental behavior influenced by that trauma affects children causing stress […]

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An open letter to Mrs. Fine

Mrs. Fine was my fifth grade teacher. She expected nothing but perfection in her students. She was wise, kind, and approved of humor but not corniness. To give you an example of the standard to which she taught, our Halloween production was a choreographed production of la Danse Macabre written in 1874 by the French […]

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Postcards are here!

My postcards arrived today! So far I have generous offers from Western Australia to Seattle, Washington, USA, from friends, colleagues and associates to help spread the word about this project. Want to be a part of it? Just let me know by replying to this post if you know of a local venue – be […]

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