The Fall

Fall for me is the most nostalgic season. An ending to the hot summer, with its dark nights and cool breezes, Autumn heralds in new beginnings despite its position as the penultimate interval between the life and death of a year.  Fall conjures up visions of homecoming and bonfires, rites so interwoven into the American […]

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Regret Relief and Forgiveness Program – Start Here

Today my biggest regret…is having regrets. The cost of regret Whether they come in the form of “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” or “I just wasn’t!/what was I?/ thinking” or just plain “why?”, regrets are an incredibly insomnia inducing, paralyzing time-suck.  A huge part of negative self-talk, long term regret can fuel stress, anxiety, and depression, all […]

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How To Write a Letter

I’ve been looking at old primers on letter writing, everything from Emily Post’s treatise on notes and short letters to a 19th century guide to writing letters to The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s Letter Writing Lesson Plan, all of which give a fascinating look into letter writing etiquette of the past. The rules give insight into […]

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Healing through Intention – If you could say something to someone you lost, what would it be?

  In one of my favorite books, The Intention Experiment, Lynne McTaggart tells countless stories about how our intentions shape the world we live in.  One of the most fascinating of the narratives was about an experiment, the results of which were published in the British Medical Journal in 2001. Dr. Leonard Leibovici was out […]

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Healing past trauma

I just read this article about My-Linh Le’s path to healing. A child of Vietnamese immigrants, Le grew up in a stressful environment borne of her parents’ trauma from before she was even born. Trauma can be passed down in the genes, and coupled with parental behavior influenced by that trauma affects children causing stress […]

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